To address the digital challenges of the maritime and logistics industry in Antwerp, a port-hackathon “Logistics of the Future” was organized in Antwerp this weekend. During the event, 30 teams worked non-stop to find solutions on 8 specific challenges for the Port of Antwerp.

The international and multidisciplinary teams came to a large number of innovative solutions. 12 teams had the opportunity to present their solution and prototype to a five-member jury during the closing ceremony on Sunday.

This hackathon was organized by Co-Create in order to kickstart innovation in the harbor.

Secretary of State of Maritime Mobility Philippe De Backer (Open-VLD) and Alderman for the Port Authority Antwerp Marc Van Peel (CD&V) announced the winner.

Philippe De Backer (Open VLD): “It’s fantastic to see how this hackathon brings about brilliant ideas for our Port and our city. Through co-creation, innovation is possible. The Port of Antwerp and its stakeholders must embrace digitization”. The Secretary of State was so enthousiastic about the concept of a hackathon, he expressed his desire to organise a government-themed hackathon to optimize the workings of the Belgian government.

Alderman for Port, Industry & Employment of Antwerp, Marc Van Peel (CD&V): “The most important economic center of the country needs the best new ideas.”.


More than 200 participants – twice the number of participants of the World Port Hackathon 2016 in Rotterdam – from Belgium, Singapore, Mexico, Russia and Israel competed for the price: a 5000 euro prototyping budget.

App developers, programmers, designers, port experts, entrepreneurs, students and marketing professionals stayed in the Waagnatie in Antwerp for 72 hours. Accommodation was foreseen on the spot, as well as catering, a gaming area and even massages. The participants worked around eight challenges in 4 areas: Cybersecurity & Open Data, Safety and Education, Infrastructure & Logistics and Import / Export & Connectivity. Cepa, Alfaport-Voka, the Antwerp Port Authority and the data utility platform NxtPort collected the challenges. 80 coaches from the Port and companies including SAP, EY and Proximus were present to help the participants to go from idea to business model. Their solutions and applications developed will kickstart innovation in the Port of Antwerp.

For the organizers and partners, this hackathon is not an isolated event. It’s the beginning of a close collaboration between the Port and the start-up world.

Jasper Goyvaerts (Co-Create): “This was the first of a series of hackathons we want to organize so that innovation in Belgium can take off in different sectors. Innovation does not just come from Silicon Valley. Our hackathon attracted talent from around the world. For a traditional sector such as the harbor this hackathon was definitely an eye-opener”.

The representatives of the harbour were delighted about the outcome of the hackathon and all expressed their interest in organising a LotfA17.


The Team “Book-a-lock” came out as the winner. With the prototyping budget, they will be able to launch their app. Book-a-lock developed an app for vessels to book a place in a lock quickly. Berth request and lock passage will be able to run digital with their app.

Valentin Carlan (teamleader Book-A-Lock): “Our team was a unique collaboration of the FlexsoGroup, the University of Antwerp and the Artesis-Plantijn Hogeschool. Our app will allow to book and find a “parking spot ” with the help of SAP Hana Cloud Platform.”


The price for the youngest all-girls team went to DGW, 5 16-year-old girls from Gouda. They received a Hololens.

The event is organized by Co-Create in cooperation with the Port of Antwerp and City of Antwerp and with the support of Cronos, the Port Authority, Alfaport Voka, Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland, Proximus, Cisco, NxtPort, SAP, EY, Cepa, Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp and start it @ kbc.


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See you all next year at #LOTFA17