In this theme, two opposites come together: the world has never been more open, yet never as secured as nowadays.

In our current world, everything is connected, which allows us to share data so we can work better together on the challenges of tomorrow.

Ports are facing huge safety risks. Not only in the harbor itself but also when it comes to the virtual security system. We invite you to hack our port network and see where the gaps are.

Can you develop a solution for the gaps found and secure our network? Hack your way into our network to see how cyber-resilient we are and what we can do to improve it!

Challenge 2 – Open data, new technologies and cybersecurity

Could we, by using open data and new technologies, make use of new forms of collaboration in the port?

Is it possible that by implementing open data, the port and port companies can become more connected and strengthen each other?

How and what kind of new technologies, such as blockchain, Virtual or Augmented Reality, and more, can we implement to help us shape the port of the future?

How can we make sure that the use of new technologies won’t effect our cybersecurity?