In the fast-changing world of the port, safety and education are two major topics; always subject to changing rules, trends and information. Let your light shine on all creative possibilities about safety and education and help build a stronger and smarter port!

Challenge 3 – Smart devices as a mean for a safer harbor

In the port of Antwerp, safety and risk are crucial for us. As the port is a big and complex world, it is not easy for us to keep track of every single usage of machines and the movements of people.

For example, some harbor workers are active in isolated or harder accessible areas in the port. Some machines or storage rooms aren’t easily accessible.

If we implement IoT, wearables, beacons or drones into the port, could we make the port smarter, safer and more connected? How can we make it possible for firefighters, safety people, medical staff, … to enter these areas in a fast and safe way?

By using smart technology, could we track risk behaviour or people in the port and see when and where they are in a dangerous or difficult situation?

Challenge 4 – Education of new technology

By implementing technology, the port gets smarter day by day. How can we make sure that tech and humanity go hand in hand and strengthen each other? Technology advances every single year, how can we keep our people at the Port of Antwerp up to date with the newest technology.

Is there a way that we could, for example, implement Virtual Reality into the education of harbor masters, so that they not just learn from books how to make sure a ship moors correctly into the port?

How can we make technologies accessible and understandable to people working in the port who are new to these topics? How can we connect everyone in the port with these tools? How can a harbor worker make use of beacons, 3D-printing or Virtual Reality? Help us unite these two worlds to bring the port to the next level!